Take control of your health!
Take control of your health!
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Growing up with a father afflicted with polio and unable to walk unaided, I always wondered what motivated him to get up and go to work daily. I was told your mind is the most important gift you have, and to use it wisely and to its potential. Then when I experienced the sudden loss of my husband when my boys were 1 and 4 years old, I fell into this roll of sole guardian and caretaker. I started many companies, but my financial success did not take away the stress; it placed a burden upon me physically. I have watched close family members struggle with mental illness, unable to function in our society. I soon realized that the body and mind work closely together, and both need to be healthy.
My desire to help lead me on this voyage. Working with Veteran’s with PTSD and anxiety made me see the widespread dependence on Western medicines with a less than satisfactory result. I then gave away many possessions to travel and learn from developing countries. I sought out alternative treatments, costing far less and producing far better results. My desire to help others to learn and help themselves lead to the developing of 4 THE HEALTH OF IT LLC. It is never to late to take control of your body. Even little changes can produce significant results. I look forward to helping you grow in your journey of taking back your health. You can start with some of the products found on the website. If you desire a full health assessment, please contact me personally to arrange a date and time.


Dr. Kathy Simmons graduated with a Rehabilitation Degree and a Textile Degree from The University of Arizona. In her first job she designed what is now known as the Diabetic Sock. She then went to Northwestern University College of Medicine Orthotics Program and completed her residency at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. She helped provide research and information for the Federal Shoe Bill that provide foot care for diabetics. Dr. Simmons owned and operated an Orthotic & Prosthetic Company for over 20 years. Then she traveled to developing countries. This inspired her to work for the Federal Government to be better able to help many individuals. She now supervises the Prosthetic Lab and patient direct care. Dr. Simmons attained her Master Degree in Public Health with an emphasis on Alternative Treatments from Everglades University. Her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Degree soon followed from Trinity School of Natural Health. Dr. Simmons became Board Certified by The American Naturopathic Medical Association. She has over 38 years’ experience working in the health care industry. Dr. Simmons is married with four children and three grandchildren. She realizes health care changes begin with empowering the individual. Dr. Simmons wants to help you learn what changes you can do to achieve optimal health. You can start with some of these simple products provided on our website, or contact Dr. Simmons for a personal consultation.

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