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Take control of your health!
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The Correct Stretch and Plantar Fasciitis

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While working in clinics with a Physical Medicine Medical Doctor, we predominantly see back and leg pain. This pain was disabling and life limiting. People can not do the things they strived to do because of their pain. Medicines cause other problems besides the pain. We began to look at alignment of the body and how pain makes one change the alignment of their body.

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common foot problems. The Correct Stretch places the feet in correct alignment to make the foot muscles work. It dynamically aligns them. It strengthens the foot muscles, thus treating the foot pain not masking the foot pain. In as little as 4-5 minutes a day, one’s feet can transform into pain free and healthy.

When the Correct Stretch is used correctly, the knees, hips, low back and shoulder area can also attain proper alignment. Most everyone is familiar with the song “the shin bone is connected to the knee bone” and using this theory, the Correct Stretch aligns the foot which then aligns the knees, hips and spine.

The Correct Stretch can also be used to correctly position the body for squats. No more knee pain. By correctly aligning the foot, the hip and knees muscles have to work correctly. This helps one avoid injury while building up the muscles correctly. The muscles cannot move into poor alignment when placed on the Correct Stretch.

For the cost of a good pair of tennis shoes, you can own the Correct Stretch. It will last many years with daily use. It will provide relief of pain. The Correct Stretch will enable you to move pain free and avoid injury. Buy the Correct Stretch and start enjoying a pain free body with proper alignment and less muscle tightness. The answer is Here, use the Correct Stretch.

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